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Dog Show

Our dogs win at the largest dog shows in Russia and abroad.

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Papers RKF

All our French bulldog puppies have a full set of RKF documents and a tattoo.

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Health Certificate

Anthelmintic treatment and vaccination by age, International Health Certificate, EU certificate.

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Care consultations

Full support and advice on breeding and feeding.

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DoB: 04.01.2016

Parents: Dicar I’m Gohan x Dicar Brauna

JCh Russia, JCh RFB Club, Ch Russia, Ch RFB Club, 2xCh RKF, GRAND Ch Russia, 2xCACIB

DoB: 24.08.2019

Parents: Ordinario Vernissage Bull x Princess Vernissage Bull

JCh Russia, JCh RFB Club, JGRAND Ch Russia, 2xJCh RKF, Ch Russia, GRAND Ch Russia, 2xCh RKF, ChMDA, 2xCACIB

DoB: 25.05.2016

Parents: Daulokke’s Fenneton le Duc x Ma Songeri A Tedy Bear

JCh Russia, Ch Russia, JCh RFB Club, Ch RFB Club, Ch RKF, GRAND Ch Russia

French Bulldogs

Origin: France

Group: Decorative and Companion dogs


Male 9 - 14 + 0,5 kg
Female 8 - 13 + 0,5 kg


Male 27 - 35 ± 1 см
Female 24 - 32 ± 1 см

A typical small-format dog. A powerful dog in a small guise, proportionally stocky, short-haired, with a short muzzle and a flat nose lobe, erect ears and a naturally short tail. Must have the appearance of a dog cheerful, reasonable, very muscular, compact structure and with a reliable backbone. A companion dog, a dog for entertainment. Cheerful and mobile, with a strong psyche, loves children, welcomes guests well, but in case of danger is ready to protect the owner and his family. It can be aggressive to other dogs and cats, but it depends on the temperament of the individual.

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